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Ed Sheeran Would Be Proud of This Video

YouTuber kylehanagami made a promise that with every 10 letters he received from fans, he would match it with $1 that would go to cancer research and release a new dance video as a thank you.

Fans sent in 14,146 letters, and in return kylehanagami donated the funds and uploaded this amazing dance video. Check it out!

Ed Sheeran would be proud of it being done here.


Do you have a favorite charity? If so, what is it and why?

Curing Cancer With HIV

GE’s Focus Forward campaign gives us a glimpse into the fight against cancer and the men who created the cure that uses HIV.

Doctors from the University of Pennsylvania were successful in removing a class of T-cells from cancer patients and genetically modified them using HIV. The virus, when inserted into the cells, jump starts the immune system into attacking cancer cells.

The experimental procedures were a success, and recently the cure was administered to 7-year old Emma Whitehead, and the cancer in her tiny, ravaged body was completely eradicated.

Some researchers and cancer experts are hailing the treatment as a miracle, while others are skeptical of the genetically modified cells which will never leave the patients body once administered.


Do you think it’s dangerous to genetically modify a deadly virus, even though it may eliminate cancer entirely?

Marijuana compound recently found to stop metastasis of many kinds of cancer.

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